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Facts about country

Capital Kathmandu


24 million

Main Languages

Nepali, English


2 Plug System 220 50 HZ


Nepalese rupee

Exchange Rate for US $ as of Sept 2001

75 Rs per 1 US$

Safe to Drink Tap Water



140,800 sq km


bus, plane, taxi

Cash Machines (ATMS) Yes
Credit Card Usage Yes
Religion Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, other 
Measurement System Metric System

Recommended Budget per Day in US $ 

Total Budget per Person Accommodation Meals Transportation Other
14 $ 3 $  3 $  3 $ 5 $

Main things to See (we give descriptions only on places we visited)

Things to See  Visited Brief Description Recommend (10 is best 1 is don't bother)
Katmandu Y Katmandu is the capital of Nepal with many temples and historical things to see. Tourists usually stay in the Thamel District where you find budget accommodation all kind of restaurants and good bakeries. Katmandu  is the best place to arrange tours to Tibet. 8
Pokhara Y Here is where you organize your Annapurna Treks. The city is becoming a tourist area especially in the Lakeside District.  Like in Katmandu it caters to tourists. 7
Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Y A beautiful tough trek straight through the Annapurna Mountain range to the Annapunra Base Camp (ABC) at 4130 meters. It is well worth the hike which takes you constantly up and down. We did the hike in 7 days, but would recommend that you take a little longer to do it.  9
The Terai
Annapurna Circuit Trek N
Mt. Everst Base Camp N
Dakshinkali N

Popular activities and Tours (Being not included does not mean they do not exist)

Hiking / Trekking x
Scuba Diving
Historical Sites x
Sightseeing tours x


Bunji Jumping



Boat tours
Horseback riding x
Canoeing x
Camping x
River Rafting x
Sky Diving  
Kayaking x
Mountain biking x
Motorbike x
Sand boarding
Snorkeling x
Water Skiing
Bicycling x
Others  x

Feeling and Opinions on Nepal

Very refreshing if you have just come from India.  One is not hassled 24 hours a day and the people are much more reserved.  Hiking the up to the Annapurna Base Camp was great. The views of the Annapurnas were beautiful and well worth the ups and downs getting there. Kathmandu is really laid out for the tourist, with every western food possible. 


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