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  Maren & Kirk


Facts about country

Capital Damascus


17 Million

Main Languages

Arabic, English, Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish


2 Plug System 220 Volts 50Hz


Syrian pound (S)

Exchange Rate for US $ as of May 2001

50 SP per 1 US$ 

Safe to Drink Tap Water



185180 sq km


bus, minibus, taxi, 

Cash Machines (ATMS) No
Credit Card Usage No
Religion Muslim, Christian 
Measurement System Metric System

Recommended Budget per Day in US $ 

Total Budget per Person Accommodation Meals Transportation Other
15 $ 4 $  3 $  3 $ 5 $

Main things to See (we give descriptions only on places we visited)

Things to See  Visited Brief Description Recommend (10 is best 1 is don't bother)
Damascus Y It is Syria's largest city and the capital.  The main sites are the Old City, Souq al-Hamadiyyeh,  and the Omayyad Mosque.  The National Museum is also worth taking a look at.  The city has a taste and flair of its own. 8
Aleppo Y This is Syria's second largest city.  The main attraction is the Citadel which dominates the city.  From the Citadel one has a beautiful view of the whole city. The covered souqs  are also a site to see.  7
Palmyra Y This is the main attraction in Syria.  Palmyra is in the middle of the desert, actually middle of nowhere.  Palymra is an ancient city where many ruins stand today. From the hill above where a crusaders castle lies one has a great view of the city and a great view of the sunset. 10
Crac des Chevaliers Y A great Crusader Castle that has been well preserved. It is a major structure with some great views of the surrounding areas. 8
Hama Y The main attractions in Hama are the huge wooden water wheels and the citadel overlooking the city.  There is also the Grand Mosque and Azem Palace & Museum. 7
Golan Heights Y Golan Heights from the Syria Side.   7
Qala'at Samaan N
Rasafeh N
Bosra ash-Sham N

Popular activities and Tours (Being not included does not mean they do not exist)

Hiking / Trekking x
Scuba Diving
Historical Sites x
Sightseeing tours x


Bungy Jumping


Boat tours
Horseback riding
River Rafting
Sky Diving  
Mountain biking
Sand boarding
Water Skiing
Others Turkish Bath x

Feeling and Opinions on Syria 

Syria is a very inexpensive country to travel in, except for the visas.  Make sure you have an International Student Card.  One saves 90 % on admission fees to sites and museums.  The main attraction Palmyra is absolutely worth seeing.  The people of Syria are also very friendly and helpful.  We did not feel any pressure or presence from the secrete police or anything similar to that.  It is also very easy to travel in with a good bus system.


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