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Australia South America Africa North America Europe Asia


This is just a general planned outline of our destinations on the world tour.   This itinerary is in no means fixed.  This comes from the standpoint that during and throughout our trip we will meet a lot of  people, which will influence our selection for the next land or continent to travel to.  Also, in some lands the political climate changes often,  which might detour us in an another direction.   The amount of timed planned on staying in certain areas will also be influenced for the same reasons.

Eastern Europe

March 2001

Middle East

April - May 2001

Northern Africa

May - June 2001

East Africa

June-July 2001

Southern Africa

July - August 2001


September 2001


 September - October 2001


October - November 2001 

South Asia

November - December 2001


December  2001- February 2002

New Zealand

February  - March 2002

North America March - April 2002
Central America April - May 2002

South America

May - June 2002


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