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On March 20, 2001  Maren and Kirk began our trip around the world.  We plan to spend the next year traveling to the farthest reaches of the planet.  In each region of the world, we will immerse ourselves in the current events and culture. 

We have developed a Website called www.backpackwithus.com.  It is a dynamic documentation of our trip around the world.  As a German and an American we are able to report our experiences from two different viewpoints. These experiences will be reported and documented, through our interactive website. We will upload our personal journals, digital pictures, travel tips, and pricing information regularly. Site visitors can contribute through emails and online postings.

We are looking for companies to be a partner in this adventure and join us on our tour around the world.  You can sponsor us by providing equipment, services, or funding in exchange for twelve months of continuous and powerful advertisement.    We would be pleased about a partnership with your company and hope that you  will be an interactive part of www.backpackwithus.com,  as potential customers follow us online around the world. 

Below is information which outlines the strengths of this type of promotion, the organization of our website, and  abbreviated copies of our resumes.  We can be contacted by mail, email, or telephone as written below.

It would be great to hear from you.

Maren Stoltenberg & Kirk Melcher

Email: Email US

Benefits for your Company

     Contextual promotion of your products

     Continual and positive portrayal of the capabilities of your products or services

     Link direct to your Website

         Mentioning of your products or services with positive reviews

      Picture and description of your products or services  in Action / Performance

         Exciting experiences with your products or services as our companion throughout our trip

         Daily diary with quality photo-section

         Your logo or your products or services well visible on the Website

     Directed commercial marketing in the Internet to promote traffic to www.backpackwithus.com

Website Organization

     Website-Updates 1x / week


Who we are / Reasons


Daily Diary

Expenses / Costs

Transportation & Accommodation


Communication / Health & Security

Travel Resources

            Email Post Office 

 And we can assure you something?

      We have the resources and the will to accomplish our goals.

     We are seasoned successful travelers.

     Planning for our trip began over a year before the projected start date.

     Emotionally appealing team with whom your customers can identify.

     Material will be presented with a positive attitude, quality, humor, and fun.


Maren and Kirk doing what they enjoy most!




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Kirk Lee Melcher 

Birth:		21.03.1969 in Ithaca New York, USA

Occupation:	EDP Manager of a German, middle-size company since 1992 
		Financial Manager / Controller of two smaller subsidiaries since 1999 

Study: 		Bachelor of Science in Business Management  Ithaca College     
 		Bachelor of Human Resource Management: Ithaca College                 
		Masters of Business Administration: Clarkson University 
Travel Exp.:        Australia, Africa (Climbing Kilimanjaro), United States, Europe

Hobbies:		Sports, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Marathon, Rollerblading, 
		Websites, Computers, Travel, Camping, Reading, Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Scuba Diving,
		Skiing, Golf					  		 

Maren Stoltenberg 

Birth:		29.07.1972 Bergisch. Gladbach, Germany

Occupation:	Art History Student at the University Bonn, Germany
		Travel Agent 
		Foreign-experience as Au-Pair in Sydney Australia 
Travel Exp.:            Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji, United States, Europe
Hobbies:		Sports, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rollerblading, 
	   	Travel, Museum-visits, Reading, Languages, Camping, Scuba Diving

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