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Maren and Kirk doing what they enjoy most!
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Kirk Lee Melcher 

Birth:		21.03.1969 in Ithaca New York, USA

Occupation:	EDP Manager of a German, middle-size company since 1992 
		Financial Manager / Controller of two smaller subsidiaries since 1999 

Study: 		Bachelor of Science in Business Management  Ithaca College     
 		Bachelor of Human Resource Management: Ithaca College                 
		Masters of Business Administration: Clarkson University 
Travel Exp.:	Australia, Africa (Climbing Kilimanjaro), United States, Europe

Hobbies:		Sports, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Marathon, Rollerblading, 
		Websites, Computers, Travel, Camping, Reading, Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Scuba Diving,
		Skiing, Golf					  		 

Maren Stoltenberg 

Birth:		29.07.1972 Bergisch. Gladbach, Germany

Occupation:	Art History Student at the University Bonn, Germany
		Travel Agent 
		Foreign-experience as Au-Pair in Sydney Australia 
Travel Exp.:	Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji, United States, Europe
Hobbies:		Sports, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rollerblading, 
	   	Travel, Museum-visits, Reading, Languages, Camping, Scuba Diving


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